4dbdb3_865d96fbf1c24944b8689c84203859cb-mv2Margarita Duran

Margarita Duran is a native of the California Bay Area. She studied accounting and business at Heald College in Concord and went on to continue her education at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga. She’s always had a passion for numbers and taxes and learned that many individuals would come to her for advice. The natural fit for her was to go on and continue working with businesses that needed assistance with their accounting needs. After starting her business in 2011 as Emmy Dee’s QuickBooks Solutions, she decided she wanted to extend her knowledge in the field of taxes. In 2015, EMD Accounting, Inc was created so Margarita could pursue her Enrolled Agent status to see where it would take her. Margarita considers herself erudite as she reads and engages in as much data and research as she can consume. Margarita’s been well versed in accounting and taxes since she graduated in 2002. In her free time, Margarita loves to read scary books, work out and dance salsa. Grateful for her supportive friends and family, Margarita makes sure she reciprocates with love, hugs and a smile.